5 Reasons You Should Feel Better About Getting Out of the House

Original source:Flatten The Fear

June 9, 2020

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We’ve all been inundated with negative news about Covid-19 for the past three months, and while the virus is still out there, there is a lot of new information that shows a return to normalcy could just be around the corner. For the vast majority of us, we can reengage society safely if we follow common-sense precautions (social distancing and washing our hands).


  1. 42 percent of all Covid-19 deaths nationwide have occurred in nursing homes and assisted living centers. If you are 34 years old or younger, your probability of dying from Covid-19 as of June 3rd, 2020 is 0.0005 percent. 
  2. While the virus has been deadly to many people over the age of 65 and those with underlying conditions, the CDC has recently revised its death rate estimate down to just 0.4 percent—much lower than originally predicted. 
  3. Nearly half of the counties in the country have zero Covid-19 deaths. And less than one percent of counties nationwide account for more than half of all Covid-19 fatalities. 
  4. People who have been staying in have been avoiding regular healthcare visits which could lead to problems down the road. Avoiding that checkup may lead to serious problems down the road. 
  5. A new study finds that the novel coronavirus has become less lethal over the past few months—mainly due to doctors finding better treatments.

We can, and must, isolate the vulnerable few to protect the many instead of isolating the many to protect the few. Using common-sense safety protocols will help us protect the vulnerable groups while getting a majority of Americans back to work and reengaging with society.