COVID-19 in Context: Dr. Lindley says respect, don’t fear COVID-19

Original source:Texas Public Policy Foundation

June 30, 2020

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[C]ases are up. These are mostly healthy people, but they are also scared people. I believe that taking a pause for one to two weeks would have been OK, but not going backwards. Because those same scared people are also anxious about not having a job and not being able to provide for their families.

The messaging from leadership and the medical community should be clear: “Yes, we have increase in the cases but we do not have an increase in mortality.” We need to protect vulnerable populations, practice common sense and protect ourselves and our families by being aware of the risks while trying to live a normal life.

We need to stop fearing the disease, and instead respect it—and learn to live with it.

It is here to stay, but we should not allow it to take our freedom and liberties away.

Read the full letter on Texas Public Policy Foundation from Dr. Katarina Lindley, President of Texas ACOFP, Vice President of Texas Osteopathic Medical Association, and a member of the Job Creators Network Foundation.