If Liberals Actually Cared About Working Women, They Wouldn’t Be Closing Schools

Original source:Western Journal

September 4, 2020

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During a pandemic, public health is a top priority. Even more importantly, individual responsibility dictates that we continue to wear masks and social distance to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

But we cannot allow anxiety, fear, and union interests to get in the way of childhood education.

By and large, schools can safely reopen, given that precautions are taken.

We should be listening to medical professionals, not groups with ulterior motives. And the medical profession supports the reopening of schools.

Even worse, the shuttering of schools may indirectly lead to the closure of many small businesses, especially those helmed by women strapped for time.

I’m a female entrepreneur myself, and I’m also a mother. The reopening of schools allows people like me to juggle the demands of small business ownership and parenthood, with time being our most valuable commodity — especially during a pandemic.

Read the full op-ed on Western Journal by Erika Donalds, a small business owner, a partner of the Job Creators Network Foundation, former elected school board member and founder of The Optima Foundation, which supports the establishment and expansion of superior-quality schools of choice.