Name of the game: Isolate the few to protect the many

Original source:North State Journal

June 24, 2020

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The number of coronavirus cases are still on the rise in North Carolina. In parallel, the economy is in free fall. The state unemployment rate has more than tripled since February, and 1 million people have filed for unemployment benefits. Fortunately, it’s possible to balance kick-starting the Tar Heel State economy while protecting our most vulnerable residents.

Gov. Cooper needs to get on board. Although parts of the state economy have started to reopen, the governor continues to veto legislation that would relax restrictions further. Restaurants remain forced to operate at limited capacity, and health clubs, as well as similar businesses, remain closed. The governor’s ultra-cautious approach has likely cost North Carolina nearly $200 million from the now-cancelled RNC convention.

Despite what some doomsday predictions claim, a return to normalcy can be done safely.

Read the full op-ed on North State Journal by Dr. John Droz, a physicist residing in North Carolina and a partner of the Job Creators Network Foundation.