Opinion: Small businesses are underwater. Ohio needs to spend money on them instead of terrible vaccine incentive stunts

Original source:Columbus Dispatch

July 26, 2021

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Ohio businesses are not out of the woods from the pandemic. Small business owners are facing inflation, a worker shortage, and the lingering effects of shutdowns and capacity limitations. But that doesn’t seem to be of concern to Ohio’s leaders. Gov. Mike DeWine has done little to aid struggling entrepreneurs. Instead, he’s focused on failed strategies to encourage residents to get vaccinated. It’s a noble cause to be sure; I would encourage everyone to receive the vaccine. But the effort and money spent has largely been done in vain.

Until small businesses are thriving once again, Ohio cannot return to the pre-pandemic success it was enjoying in early 2020. Ohio must stop spending good money on bad programs. Instead, officials need to start investing in the state’s job creators.

Read the full op-ed in the Columbus Dispatch by Nicholas Enright, an Ohio small business owner and member of the Job Creators Network here.