The Florida economy can’t take another lockdown

Original source:Orlando Sentinel

July 13, 2020

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Gov. Ron DeSantis recently walked back the reopening process in Florida by reclosing bars and nightclubs; the most populous county has also reversed the decision to allow restaurants to resume indoor dining. Targeted restrictions to slow the spread of the virus are warranted so area hospital systems aren’t overrun. But Florida, as well as Texas, Arizona and other states with hotspots, should avoid slipping into another broad lockdown. The economy, which is already hanging on by thread, can’t withstand another blow.

By adopting common sense precautions — including frequent handwashing, physical distancing, wearing face masks and taking extra steps to avoid vulnerable populations — the vast majority of Floridians can and should safely re-engage with society.

Read the full op-ed on Orlando Sentinel by Joseph Semprevivo, the owner and manager of Joseph’s Premier Real Estate in Vero Beach, the former New Mexico State Economic Development Commissioner and a partner of the Job Creators Network Foundation.